LIA’s 2030 Vision

Since 1987, the Leadership Institute of Acadiana (LIA) has distinguished itself as the region’s premier leadership organization. Connected by their commitment to serving the community, LIA’s graduates can be found taking action in board rooms, public office, corporate leadership, and area neighborhoods. LIA’s work to convene, build, and activate leaders has never been more urgent or critical to the region’s well-being than at the present.
Strategic Plan

What happened in 2020?

In 2020, the Leadership Institute of Acadiana embarked on a year-long strategic planning process. Leveraging survey data, personal interviews, and roundtables, LIA engaged diverse stakeholders across the region to examine its strategic direction and community impact. The results of the outreach are presented in this three-year strategic plan. Using our 2030 vision as a north star, we outline our three strategic imperatives and the guiding principles that will guide our work as we develop leadership that prioritizes impact.

For over three decades, the Leadership Institute of Acadiana has developed leaders that are a catalyst for change. Building on our strong foundation, we aspire to strategically and sustainability grow over the next decade to expand our reach to significantly more leaders through new, innovative programs and initiatives. LIA will continue to be the partner-of-choice in leadership development by preparing a diverse and robust network of leaders that work collaboratively for a thriving, equitable region. Through collaborations, community awareness, and civic engagement, we will unite leaders to take action.

Where do we hope to be in 2030?

We aim to meet leaders where they are by offering a year-round continuum of leadership and civic trainings. Leaders of all backgrounds will be able to find their entry-point into LIA and have a roadmap for continued development through LIA’s programs and services.

Serving as a neutral convener and facilitator, LIA will bring together the community through meaningful dialogue—instead of shying away from difficult conversations, we will create space to dive into them.

LIA’s impact will extend far beyond individual leadership development—by building both a participant’s leadership capacity and their network, we activate leaders to become engaged change-agents in their own neighborhoods, communities, and workplaces.

Board 2020How will we get there?

LIA has distilled our next strategic phase into three priorities:

  1. We will activate and equip more people to lead.
  2. We will cultivate connections and pathways for leaders to build a better community for all.
  3. We will strengthen our organizational sustainability to meet current and future needs.

To learn more about our strategic direction, we encourage you to download our full strategic plan.


What will guide our decisions over the next three years?

LIA is cultivating leadership to bring about meaningful impact on our community’s most pressing issues. These five principles will guide our work as we develop leadership that prioritizes impact.

  1. Community Impact: We are solutions-oriented and inspire leaders to become change-agents in their own communities.
  2. Collaboration: We can do more together. We build, support, and encourage collaboration and partnerships to solve complex community problems.
  3. Diversity: We believe that community is strengthened by diversity. We embrace and value leaders with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and contributions.
  4. Inclusion & Belonging: We aspire to design spaces where everyone feels included, valued, and respected.
  5. Courageous Discourse: We aspire to build a culture that fosters relationships, trust, and civility. We embrace talking about the “elephants” in the room in order to address our community’s most thorny and complex challenges.

How can you get involved?

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The success of our strategic goals is dependent on the team we build. We have three ways you can immediately get involved in supporting our next strategic phase:

  1. Become a member or renew your LIA membership. As a member, you’ll be part of an engaged network of leaders and be able to stay connected to the community events, initiatives, and topics that are driving progress across our region.
  2. Consider making a recurring tax-deductible contribution to LIA. When you support LIA financially, you’re making a powerful statement about your commitment to leadership development in our community.
  3. Submit a volunteer interest form. We can’t do this alone–let us know how you’d like to use your skills and talents to help LIA grow.

We look forward to keeping you engaged in our work. For more information, you can reach out to us at [email protected].

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